Day 244: 10 reasons why I’ve taken to cycling

After a very long time, it’s been an opportunity to get into and be excited about something VC loves and is enthusiastic about. Given our very divergent interests, we suddenly have something to share again!


It takes us far, it takes us deep.


It has forced us into the kind of groups I wouldn’t have otherwise willingly put myself in to. And that has been a very revelatory experience. I’ve mostly turned into a one-on-one and small-groups kind of person, happily avoiding social occasions and gatherings of anything more than 3 people at a time. Cycling is the only activity I don’t grudge doing in large groups.


I’m finally exploring nooks and corners in Goa I’d only heard about, and hadn’t bothered venturing out to even in a car. The irony!


Forts! Islands! Forests! Short city rides! It has really turned venturing around and exploring my home state on it’s head for me.


Because of how exposed and vulnerable it makes you, cycling forces you to look around and really take your surroundings in. It makes you look down, not something I do very often. It forces you to notice the littlest things. An earthworm you do your best to avoid, a delicately fuzzy mongoose run over by a speeding car, a just-shed piece of snakeskin.


It’s rekindled lost and found friendships.


Despite being around folks, having them with you to share every gruelling climb, every exhilarating downslope, and the rest, it is such a beautifully individualistic activity — just you, in your saddle, pedalling away, refusing to stop till you reach where you need to. You have to try it to know what I mean.


It’s putting all my fitness focus to the test. I’m able to see how much my stamina has improved and it puts my endurance and muscle power to the test. Clearly. Or else I wouldn’t look so happy lugging my bike up a flight of mossy rough stairs overgrown with weeds.


It’s making me a calmer, happier person for all the endorphins, and exposure to clean air and eye-hurting green locales.


Was that ten things already? Okay, here’s an eleventh.
Because, going out on a bike makes you extra observant and watchful. It makes you  notice things. And because, yellow flowers.


6 thoughts on “Day 244: 10 reasons why I’ve taken to cycling

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  5. Ah! I can relate to all 11 reasons; just by substituting cycling with running. I love yellow flowers too. Aren’t they uber pretty.

    P.S: if you haven’t noticed yet, there is a link back to your blog in my recent post. Check it out. :-)


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