Day 253: Disjointed, incomplete thoughts

Some days I balk at the idea that a lot of my communication with people who matter, is so full of banter, a lot of nonsense that’s understandable only to us and strings of colourful emoji. I feel like I owe them clarity, articulation and precise interactions and I wonder if what we have instead, is the laziest way to communicate the intricate, layered things we feel, do and talk about. Entire sentences often get collapsed into tangential, disjointed threads of what we call gajibiji. Whole spectrums of emotion are forcefully trapped into unidimensional graphics no larger than a fingernail. Some days it feels like I’m escaping the weight of language and enunciation, taking the easy way out. Yet, some other days I’m so glad for the palette of unimaginative representations of my feelings, which need nothing more than a single flat, red heart, for expression.

How is it that despite the heights of communication we’ve achieved, a random collection of almost-non-existent pixels can transport streams of precise emotion, connecting my heart to another miles away. Without a word uttered, and so much being said?


This week I committed to a holiday to be taken in November, by buying non-refundable tickets to an agreed upon destination, in the hope that with tickets in hand there will be no looking back. The alacrity with which those involved got cracking alarmed me. Hasty, some would say. Spontaneous, is what I call it. And it’s the one thing I’m so glad to be rediscovering. On the day I made the booking, I also acknowledged the direct correlation between earning power, spending capacity and the ability to make these spontaneous decisions. It’s a big-little lesson for me, and a marker to remember the things I’ve learned this year.


Around Day 200, I began to have thoughts about how to go a step further with this blog. I considered digging up archives but decided this blog has enough self-reflection already, I thought about inviting guest posts but I don’t want to do the horrid job of choosing who and what to feature, I briefly entertained the idea of doing sponsored posts but the realm of products and experiences that would interest me is so small so I shelved it for later. And then I thought about finding more ways to reach out to you guys, who subscribe and read. There is 1500+ of you getting these updates in your emails, even if 10% of those people are genuine interested folk who come by and contribute to the number of visits my stats tell me this site racks up, I want to try and reach out to you. And then I struck upon the newsletter idea — completely and wholly inspired by egeedee and eM. I’ve set up my tinyletter id and everything and as of now I’m thinking of posting my monthly TheMonthThatWas updates as a digest, and adding some fun stuff to it. But I’m also exploring interview ideas, and thinking the newsletter could be a way to feature people, projects and interesting stuff I come across in my insurmountable internet travels, things that land up saved and bookmarked as must-share-this-with-everybody but eventually get forgotten. So tell me, would you subscribe? If the answer is immediately a yes, you can click here to subscribe. And if you think you’d subscribe but not immediately, please let me know in a comment below?

12 thoughts on “Day 253: Disjointed, incomplete thoughts

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