Day 258: This morning

I’ve always been a morning person. I wake up energetic most days. Especially if I’ve had a good night’s sleep. Even on days that I haven’t, and I feel the need to sleep in a little longer. It’s easily the best time of day for me.

Mornings are tenuous. It’s that slender sliver of time in between the repose as I gather steam for the day — run over everything that needs to be done, think about the meals we will have, and get ready to hit the gym — and the storm that hits immediately after —  a flurry of emails, bombarding myself with social media feeds, concalls, telephone calls pacing up and down restlessly in between it all.

Mornings rush by. Given my energy is at the highest, I try and get most of my day out of the way. Work, errands, laundry and miscellaneous chores, bits and bobs around the house, even reading on days I have nothing else to do. And as we slant on towards the afternoon and beyond, I get slower.

Mornings are happy like a slowly stretched smile. Maybe it’s the fact that the rain has made a tiny comeback and I’ve been waking up to misty, grey mornings rather than in a cloud of sweat that is my pillow. And maybe it’s all the work I’ve gotten done already this week, that’s making me feel extra content. But my mornings this week have felt like a lazy smile that refused to go away.

Mornings are bright, even on a stormy day like today. Just the fact that it is morning, signals the gift of a new day. Would you believe I get the exact sense of satisfaction and completion, or closure, at the end of a good night, as I do at the end of a good day?

Mornings are full of promise. Despite being a creature of habit, and loving my routine, I like how mornings always unfurl, like an arched back, collapsing outwards and opening itself up to the rest of the day. And many, many days, a lot more than I care to take note of, there are little special surprises tucked away waiting to be discovered. Like today, for example. The highlight of my morning was the hour I spent learning how to make a particular paneer curry from my cook.

Mornings are the best time of day for me. And some mornings are more special than others.

So today, I took a picture to remember it.


That’s all.

5 thoughts on “Day 258: This morning

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