Day 259: Morning moods

Turns out this morning preoccupation is a recurring theme in my life. FB reminded me of this post from 2014, so similar in sentiment to this one I wrote yesterday. And then there was this morning moment from not too long ago. And this musing about a weekend morning, last month.  Rainy morning? Check. Sunny morning? Check. Foggy morning? Check.

This week my mornings have seen some high energy, high productivity and I’m looking forward to winding down towards the weekend with a new book. This one, if you want to know.  But until then, here’s a bunch of things I read during my internet ambles this week, that I wanted to share.

This piece about the very Indian tendency to have children stay on with their parents long after they really need to, or want to, or must, debunking the sanskaari bullshit of one big family and everybody loving each other. This one really hit home because it’s just the situation the husband and I chose to move away form when we came to Goa. Of course nobody in the family will ever see it that way, but we know.

This lovely piece about redefining success and aiming small for a change, aligned itself perfectly with my own thoughts about ambition, success and self-worth. Here, chew on this:

Fuck being big. Fuck scale. Fuck viral. Have integrity. Because when you achieve the largeness, it never is what we wanted it to be, and we end up just wanting more.Instead, create that which bolts you out of bed. Build and be everything that gives you heart and purpose, a big life lived small squeezed between our beginning and inevitable end.

Why not play small?

Rebecca Stolnit’s list of things to do, if you want to be a writer. Simple and basic as the words are, this one touched me deeply, with its essence weighing down on me for hours after I read it. This is what I’m struggling with at the moment:

It takes time. This means that you need to find that time. Don’t be too social. Live below your means and keep the means modest

This heartbreaking, but accurate piece about some of the issues that plague Goa. But of course it’s written by an “outsider” so all the “insiders” have their panties in a bunch over it. I’m waiting for an angry op-ed to crop up somewhere, and I’m sure it won’t be a long wait.

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