Day 260: Empty

It’s been a week of too many words. Way more words that I have handed out in a while now.

So many words. So many emails. So much reading. So much research. So many notes. So many pitches. So much conversation. And, to top it all, some unnecessary necessary, but draining, social media debates.

On days like today, ending weeks like this, I realise words are all I have. In typing them, writing them, speaking them, I expend energy, I send out little bits of myself, out into the world. Craggy but real, wispy but wonderful, soft but solid words that have a purpose.

There has been a lof og give, and very litle take, this week. And I’m feeling depleted.

Maybe over the weekend, I will fill myself up again so on Monday, I will find my words again. More words. Better words. Rounded cyclical, meaningful words. But today, I’m all out of words.


6 thoughts on “Day 260: Empty

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