Day 264: Perch

This was where I was perched for some part of the past weekend. On assignment, for a piece you should see up soon.


There are days when I lament the inherent competition and the potential to undercut services that exists in an industry like ours, working the way that I do. Last week I was exhausted sending out cold pitches for ideas in emails that would get opened a dozen times to no response. It’s lonely business, especially if you’re a slowly getting to be a stickler about the kind of work you will/will not do.

But every time I have hit a low, felt a bit at sea, floating in an endless waves of information, lost and unsure of how to get ahead, help comes along in ways I least expect it to.

I am glad for it. And it reinforces my faith in goodness, in chance friendships, in paying it forward. I’m glad for moments like that. For assignments like these, that come by and land in my lap without much effort. When they come through friends in the same business, willing to selflessly share a chunk of the pie, I am especially grateful, overwhelmed and overcome by the need to pay it back again.

At the end of an exhausting, meh couple of days, it’s moments like these that make me see the light again. I’ve found kinship and kindred spirits through my words, my work and and some days it’s all I need to feel uplifted and centred again.

So an unlikely, unexpected assignment came to be, and VC and I found ourselves in this spectacular property for a day and a night, where we mostly chilled over food and drink and spent time reading. I took a dip in the pool that overlooked the beach. And we went to bed extra early, and I clocked 8 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep for the first time in weeks.




And of course he made a film.

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