Day 294: Link loving

20 Oct

PC: Priya

This gorgeous picture wasn’t taken by me. But it is in the newsletter I sent two days ago. Because it was taken by P, in Russia, where she and L spent three months away from Goa. It makes an interesting story, some truly beautiful pictures and lovely haiku, and I wrote about it all for the latest edition of the newsletter. Which, if you haven’t already subscribed to, is open for viewing, for just a bit. Here.

Go see? And if you like what you see, follow P and L on instagram here and here. And if you feel like subscribing to the newsletter, you can do it here.


One Response to “Day 294: Link loving”


  1. Day 307: October | hAAthi Time - November 2, 2016

    […] The universe conspires in strange and magical ways. Almost as if to echo the slowing down inside of me, I was forced to create an atmosphere of slowness around me. VC travelled for a greater part of the month – more days and a longer span than he has been away in a long, long, long time. That inevitably makes me slow down and slip into my own routine, undoing the ways in which we function as a unit. I retreated into myself, escaped on assignment, sank into my very own un-routine. I read a fair bit. This book, and some more. But mostly it was a time of being forced to sit with myself. To truly examine what is happening within, up close. I didn’t have a routine, responsibilities or work to busy myself with, or use as an excuse to ignore it this time. And honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better time or coming together of events that eventually forced me to do just what my therapist asked me to: empty my mind. I realise that is perhaps why so much of what I have been talking about has been so cryptic, nebulous. I’ve been so non committal about putting any of it in words that really make sense or tell you exactly what is going on. But that is just the way it is. Part of me cannot find the words, part of me doesn’t want to try. It wasn’t all easy, but it was so essential, so needed. And as with all transformational change, it takes time. It’s never like the turning of a switch, but more like the slow unraveling of a sock. Eventually, you reach a point where you  begin to see the light. And if you’re anything like me, you feel immensely overwhelmed and thankful for all that helped in taking you there. Somewhere in between, I hit the 300 post mark, despite it being a low month in terms of blogging. And sent out a newsletter. […]

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