Day 299: Book quandary

For many years now I’ve had a reading list at the start of every year. Despite every serious effort to commit to the list completely, I have never actually ticked every item off the list. Nightmares of a listmaniac — either way too many books got added to it along on the way, leading to an ever-bulging Hanuman-tail like list, that one is destined never to reach its end, or I lost steam with reading altogether, or I stopped tracking what I was reading. For a couple of years, in true listmaniac fashion, I thought committing to a reading challenge on Goodreads might do the trick. As usual, I started off being super ambitious. Of course I failed spectacularly. The next year I decided to be a little realistic. Shaved off the number of books by a reasonable amount. I still failed. My efforts to get realistic not relenting, I knocked off some more books, and with it a lot of my optimism and confidence this year, and gave myself a measly goal of reading just twelve books before we finish this trip around the sun.

Further, I decided not to hit the 2016 Reading Challenge button, and subject myself to the annual embarrassment of yet another year that ends with an unaccomplished reading goal. So this was the year I didn’t really commit, the year with the most minuscule goal. And guess what. With three months still to spare, I am way past the goal. I don’t intend to stop. It’s definitely got everything to do with reading on the Kindle, which has definitely made me faster. But more than that it’s made books just so much more accessible. In addition to guzzling books, I’m hoarding booklists. From everywhere. It’s becoming a bit of a problem. My burgeoning mental and goodreads to-read list cannot take it anymore.

In my near future is two hotel stays (one of which is at a swish 7-star property all by myself that I am really, really looking forward to), another weekend by myself and the holidayyyyy. All perfect opportunities to bury myself in a pile of books. Which is causing immense confusion and decision-making stress. Because, WHAT SHOULD I READ NEXT. Incidentally, this confusion is the subject of one of the essays in Veena Venugopal’s Would You Like Some Bread With That Book, that I just finished. (and loved!)

So I went on a bit of a rampage and downloaded samples of the following.

Girls Of RiyadhModern LoversThe GirlsIt Ends With UsForty Rules Of LoveOne Plus OneToday Will Be Different. Which all sound exciting.

I meant to get a sample, but ended up buying Brave Enough. Then, there’s an assortment of purchased but abandoned books already in possession that I have always have the option to dip into. It worked out well when I re-visited the once-abandoned Me Talk Pretty One Day. So who knows, maybe I will also have luck with a second attempt at finishing The Rachel Papers, The Lowland, This Must Be The Place.

Don’t even get me started on my amazon wishlist, yeah? So much choice. So many books. So little time.

8 thoughts on “Day 299: Book quandary

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  7. You spoke my mind Rev. Yes, my TBR list is like a Hanuman-like tail too. And I add new books almost every day. The premise of ” Would You Like Some Bread With That Book” sounds very interesting. Will check it out next. :-)


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