Day 327: Regular programming

Two things:

  1. It’s taking me an inordinately long time to bounce back to normal post the holiday. While a major part of returning to routine usually happens when my suitcase is unpacked, laundry done and suitcase tucked back into the loft, this time it took the additional effort of dragging myself straight back to the gym immediately, for as many workouts in as many days as I’ve been back before I really began to feel like holiday-mode has started to wane and normal life  should resume. I have some dregs of work carried over from the time before I went away and it is killing me to sit my arse down and just finish it already. On the other hand, it’s been a week back at my desk and aside from a few cold pitches I’ve made no concrete efforts towards resuming work in earnest. Physically, I’m back and present. Mentally, I’m clearly not.
  2. The sister has landed yesterday, and while it’s hardly an event that should interrupt my routine because she’s one of the best, easiest houseguests to have, I’m using that as an excuse to keep away from my desk, which means keeping away from posting everyday.

Sheesh. This is new even for me.

So what I’m saying is this is why I’ve been slow to resume regular programming, and why I’m still tricking you with back-dated posts.

I’ll be back. Really soon.

3 thoughts on “Day 327: Regular programming

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