Day 328: ‘ssupdates

I’m going to launch into a barrage of very quick notes. Chitttting (As Rakhi Sawant calls it) is going to happen. Because I have to make up for the week I lost to a scrambled brain, lack of motivation to do ANYTHING IN LIFE, and spending time with my sister who was visiting and who just left. But seeing as how I’ve become a champ at hustling for work, juggling multiple things and wanting all of it so bad, till eventually some of it come through and paralyses me till it’s too late, forcing me to working at breakneck speeds at the very nth hour, I think I can hustle the life out of this too.

Work updates:

I wrapped up the first phase of my commitments with The Telegraph before I went on holiday, and came back to a flood of published stories. I’m so happy I had the chance to experience this kind of gig. I’ve always been very awkward about working with PR and negotiating FAM trips of this sort, so it was good to do this and realise I’m not all that bad at it. I’m especially chuffed I got to discover some really lovely properties that I hadn’t seen before, and include some of my favourite places to stay in Goa too.

Arco Iris


Shunya Noi Varo

You can see all the rest of my reviews (with several more to be updated in the near future) here.

A few weeks ago, I shared a Roads & Kingdoms piece about Obama’s visit to Vietnam and decided I was going to stop being a perfectionist who is waiting for the perfect meaty feature to break into this publication. Sometimes low hanging fruit is the way to go. Sometimes low hanging fruit is fun, and it gives you a foot in the door. So I went ahead and wrote this little vignette about my love for idlis, my first for this publication that’s been on my wishlist for over a year now. Of course once I did it, I was over come with the why-the-hell-did-I-wait-this-long blues, but it’s here. And it also led me to bag another little story for them, which I’m currently working on. Win, win?

Paste Magazine commissioned two stories in one go a few weeks ago, and I was really excited to do this one: a short list of Indian cookbooks that marry food with a memoir.

December is a day away and though my energy is flagging, I’m mentally planning for 2017. I have some small-big goals, and little steps that I want to take towards getting there. I cannot wait for 2016 to be over already!

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