Inconsequential posts you really don’t need to read

You know you’ve been off the grid and out of the work force for far too long when you feel the need to prep for a skype call. I still take my appointments seriously. Half an hour in advance, I decided I needed a cup of tea. I figured ten minutes before the call would be a good time to make it. So I did. And then I made the evening snack choice, grabbing the entire bag as opposed to the usual, taking a small portion in a bowl. It was a new client, and I wasn’t sure how long this call was going to be. I didn’t want to be stick on a call, tethered to my system, snacks just out of my reach. So I set myself up. Snacks within arms reach, mug of tea close at hand, I was ready for the call. Only to realise it was a video call.  And the only thought I had was, fuck the snacks, I need to wear a bra.

So much for prep.


Battle scars. It’s what I call them. The scars I don’t notice. The scars I’ve resigned myself to perpetually bearing. Honestly, it’s because I don’t register them when contact happens, because I’m usually too involved in boomboompowpow to register it happened. But a few hours later, the bruise tells a completely different story. And I only realise something is wrong. Usually when I’m standing in queue at the checkout line in the supermarket and I see the group of aunties behind me staring strangely at my arms. Or when I go waxing and the parlour waali inquires about the bruises that to her shifty eyes look suspiciously like marks of domestic abuse. Or when I go from one class to the next and people ask really what happens in my other class. So I just say, battle scars.


Early this week I felt major pangs of missing my friends. Like proper, tugging-at-my-heart feelings that I’ve felt only for boys I loved. The kind of intensity that has in the past made me abandon everything on the spot and rush to be with them. I think it’s the first time that I can remember it has happened with my friends. I told them as much. I said this feels like we’re all in a long distance relationship, we need to reunite soon.

So we’re working on that.



I’ve started a wee little habit. Gratitude journaling. Inspired last year by N, who mentioned it several times, and even did a month long challenge on more than one occasion. Then I did it briefly when I took on a 10 day abundance activity. I found it surprisingly revelatory, because it forced me to really zero in on the tiniest things that I am happy about and grateful for. In a year when I felt a lot of discontent, scarcity and unsettledness, this helped build a solid base of positivity. I now know what it means to operate from a place of abundance. It’s a state of mind that has helped me coast through many a low day. So this year I’m attempting to do it for as long as I can. I considered doing it online, in the name of being accountable. But seeing as how I’m working towards completely stopping all social posting, save for work updates, and this blog, that plan was quickly abandoned. And I went back to a good old journal.

Red ink <3 yellow light. Handwritten.

Twelve days in, I can safely say it’s the best ten minutes of every day. No matter what the day has been like.

Have any of you tried this? Any insights for a noob?

Same time, last year: Day 12: R & R 

10 thoughts on “Inconsequential posts you really don’t need to read

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  7. It has been 15 days since I started writing Morning Pages (concept by Julia Cameron). The idea is to dump whatever is on your mind, on paper. She recommends long hand, but I found it very difficult to keep pace with my pen and my thoughts. So, I type in an empty notepad and then save into my online Evernote journal. By far, it has been the best thing I ever tried. Most of the days it is just mundane stuff but on days of struggle, it feels quite liberating and gives me clarity on how to tackle the problem on hand. Love that you are writing the old fashioned pen-and-paper way. :-)



    1. Ive heard about Morning Pages, especially form fellow writers and Ive heard it does work wonders. Thats another something worth giving a shot.
      I know the gratitude journal has helped me in the brief time that I kept it last year. Especially in addition to other practices of affirming abundance, so this time I want to build from there rather than give up when I get lazy. Lets see how far I can go :)


  8. shemuses

    ‘And the only thought I had was, fuck the snacks, I need to wear a bra.’. Bahahaha. That’s me every time the doorbell rings unexpectedly.

    I’ve tried doing the gratitude journal for a bit, end of last year when I was a bit restless. And it helped. This is a good reminder for me to continue.


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