Day 1: Onwards and upwards

In the new year, I wish for more honesty. Of and with myself, with people around and who matter to me, and of the relationships I choose to keep.

I wish for more vulnerability to peel back the layers, strength to recognise and accept whatever I find beneath and creativity in dealing with where to go from there.

I wish to be better and more on-the-ball with my work. To be able to deliver my promises, on time. I’m aware that this means I will have to actually give some fucks about deadlines again.

I wish to come back smoothly, but effectively, from yet another hiatus. I want to crack as many pitches as I can, with less heartache and more accuracy. I want to deliver better first drafts and turn them around quicker than Ive done in 2017. Again, start giving a fuck about my work.

I wish that VC and I move ahead in our business plans with alacrity and focus. So we can fulfil the multiple small dreams we’ve nursed over the past twelve months. But if you’re a rich person looking to adopt a young and capable couple with a head full of dreams, you can reach out to me via the contact form.

I wish for not abundance in numbers as far as friends and people that matter go. But I really desperately wish for the courage to break old patterns that keep me from digging deeper and giving (and receiving) a higher level of kinship from each of these. I’ve come to accept that the people conundrum is a recurring cycle in my life so if I am going to go through it time and time again, I want to aim to have better experiences with each round!

I wish for simplicity. In the smallness of my day to day life as much as in the bigness of the things I chase. Let things be simple, not easy. Basically talk less, starve distractions, feed focus and do more. (Hah!)

I wish for a little more travel. Not just holidays, but chances and ways to experience life outside of the set patterns that we know and exist in. For this, I’ll have to shed a little bit more of my fear of uncertainty and learn to deal with the cold better!

I wish for just a little bit more discipline. so I can inculcate some of the daily habits I want to, this year.

May your year be filled with opportunities to do over all that you missed doing last year. May your bellies and hearts be full. May you always have enough of all that you desire. May your work be satisfying, even when it is challenging, may you be surrounded by people who bring out the best in you, and may you find a balance that lets you enjoy them both equally.

I hope the idea of 2018 and yet another fresh start is brimming with potential and optimism and fills you with as much sense of promise and is has, for me.

Two years ago: Day 1: Move more

8 thoughts on “Day 1: Onwards and upwards

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