Day 24: How about me enjoying the moment for once

I’m thankful for the extended winter. For how it made a comeback after a surprisingly warm two days last week, that seemed like it was all over.

I’m thankful for the music. For PJs overwhelmingly generous offer to lend me his Bose dock, indefinitely. For technology that allows me to share the music of others whose taste I trust and get.

I’m thankful for the access to fresh, pesticide-free lettuce delivered to my doorstep. For having found the answer after weeks of cribbing about this to all and sundry.

I’m thankful for the meals amma cooks me every single day. I think about how I’ve completely fallen out of the habit of having to cook my daily meals, and how amazing it is to have this option. Not just the ready meals but the company, companionship, the conversations over meals and the big-hearts-and-full-plates.

I’m thankful for the lunch date with A yesterday. For our common love for Koshys. For how we always find common ground to obsess and rant about. For the happy connections and the free wheeling conversation.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to watch Nrityagram on stage again today after almost ten years.

I’m thankful for weekend walks in the park. For discovering hidden pockets of space that I can get to love.

I’m thankful for the opportunities to meet people over business. I’m ever so grateful for the unexpected kindness of some, and the willingness of others, to help with these connections when I reached out.

I’m thankful for the times VC holds my hand. When we’re crossing the street. When we’re passing through crowded places. And sometimes for no reason at all. I’m thankful for the realisation that I like to be looked after.

I’m thankful for technology and how it enables connection in my life.

5 thoughts on “Day 24: How about me enjoying the moment for once

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  4. The feeling of being thankful is so wonderful. Looks like you’ve found many things to be thankful for. :) Thank you for the post. It’s made me think of some of the things I am thankful for and for that, I am thankful! Peace, Koko


  5. Ever since you deactivated your Facebook account I’ve been waiting for you to come back, but that doesn’t look like it’s happening! So I’m here to check in on you and let you know that I’m thinking about you. I’m glad you’re doing well.

    I’ll text you sometime; I’m hopeless at actually using my phone, but I promise to try. Keep in touch.



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