Day 26: You can taste the dishonesty

I no longer know what “proud to be Indian” feels like. The concept of my nationality fades further and further away, almost removed from my sense of identity as a whole. I don’t know what I feel for my country anymore. It’s a mix of a lot of disappointment, confusion and helplessness. Sometimes just a desperate desire to escape it all. So I don’t know what to make of days like today, or Independence Day. It evokes no feelings in me.

Mostly, it’s all a blur.

(See what I did there?! Heh.)

Two years ago: Day 26: Pain

6 thoughts on “Day 26: You can taste the dishonesty

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  4. I think on some level I feel the same. I’m confused about a lot of things, especially the politics, the media, the general feelings of desperation that seems to exist. But my grandfather gave up his youth and his job (despite having 6 kids) for this country, and so I’m not sure if I can ever stop feeling emotional/proud at some things, I still enjoy singing the anthem, I still stand in attendance for the flag. And I keep the hope that things are not bad as they seem (I know this sounds super naive).


  5. I think you should be proud, I am Sudanese and I never felt proud or anything about my country. but now since am a little bit older and wiser I see how much important to hold on to your country and be proud in all circumstances.


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