Day 30: We are children that need to be loved

I’m thankful for the ride VC and I took, on his new bike on Monday. It was so nice to be out on two wheels, the (very polluted) wind in my (non existent) hair, and the general ease with which bikes tend to navigate Bangalore traffic. It was even nicer to see VC so excited about his new toy.

I’m thankful for the date with A on Tuesday, that ended with a visit to Blossoms, via the spanking new cobbled/paved Churst Street. I’m really growing to love the CBD area in this city. So much.

I’m thankful for the sensory treat that it was witnessing Nirtyagram’s performance of Samhara on Wednesday.

I’m still in awe, and I can see scenes from the performance stuck in my mind if I just close my eyes. I’m baffled by the exquisite blend of lines and asymmetry, of fluidity and structure, of rules that were meant to be broken, of geometry in the art, of the energy, powerful presence and the sheer prowess of holding their space, the dancers brought to the table.

I’m thankful for the taash party we hosted on Thursday.

I was so pleasantly surprised by how easy it was, to prep, to cook, for all of us to get along and have so much to chit chat about, for how late we ended up playing, and for how much fun it actually turned out to be.

I’m thankful for the early morning walk practice I managed to squeeze in on Friday. Despite the late night, and running on four hours of sleep, I met D at Cubbon Park for the only session we managed to fit in, before our big walk next weekend. We topped it off with breakfast at Airlines, of course. But would you believe that was just the bonus?

I’m thankful for the evening coffee date with P. For howit is sometimes so easy to share some of my deepest feelings with ease. I shocked myself with how I was able to articulate so much of what has happened in the past few weeks, and how it has made me feel. I’m thankful for our vibe, and how we always seem to have parallel situations in our lives, that make it easier to talk about it.

I’m thankful for the shoot we had on Saturday, which took us once again to Cubbon Park.

It was downright ridiculous to be at work covering an event, and have three different people attending it, recognise me off this blog. I’m thankful for the love.

I’m thankful for a the butt-crack-of-dawn early morning ride to Nandi Hills with the R, S, H and VC, on SUnday. I’m thankful for the early start, the breakfast of parathas, the laughter, the bike ride back.

And I’m thankful for the slow rest-of-the-day spent mostly in bed, reading.

I’m thankful for the opportunity to catch up with A in the evening. I’m thankful for how relaxed and refreshed he seemed, despite having just lost a parent. I’m thankful he always makes the effort to stay in touch, despite how much I suck at it. I’m thankful for how we always have so much to talk about. I’m thankful for the vulnerability he presented, and the chance for me to share, to listen.

I’m thankful for the pizza dinner I had with Amma. It took me back to our impromptu dinner dates to Casa Piccola when I was a child.

I’m thankful for the spontaneous, and unplanned running-into P in Koramangala on Monday. I’m thankful for the surprise opportunity to catch coffee with VC, since that is such a rarity.

I’m thankful for cancelled plans that led to a delayed dinner of greasy Chinese with VC, in a cute, quaint little restaurant near home.

I’m thankful for the dosa and chutney dinner I had today. I’m thankful for feeling like my body is slowly becoming mine again. I’m thankful that the ghosts of diets past seem to be leaving the building.

I’m thankful for the feeling of being overpowered by emotion almost all the time these days. I’m thankful for how I’ve started noticing every little act of love that I receive. I’m thankful for the goodness.

(In case you haven’t guessed already, these I’m-thankful-for posts are the Haiku posts of 2016.)

6 thoughts on “Day 30: We are children that need to be loved

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  5. Meera

    I still can’t believe you recognized me too! I mean i have no idea how you could.Haha.

    Loving these thankful posts. I always wanted to start a gratitude journal and I did so too couple of years back but never followed up. May be I will from tomorrow, why wait for the start of an year?


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