Day 36: May your feet always be swift

Just popping in quickly to say I’m alive. The walk was an experience like no other, an experience I had no idea would thrill and break me in equal measure. But I’m back, with renewed respect for the human body, having discovered hidden vats of determination I didn’t know I had, and feeling equally victorious about having successfully used filthy porta-loos for almost 48 hours and actually walking a little over 3/4ths the journey.

Today has been a day for rest though. Unplanned. I have been staring at my computer all day but all I’ve managed to do is some basic paper-pushing, hygiene stuff. Nothing that requires me to apply my brain to it.

Sitting here, my recovering legs stretched out, reading my book and sipping coffee, I just wanted to say I’m going to be back with a full post about what walking the trail walk was really like, sometime later this week.

Two years ago: Day 36: Blush

4 thoughts on “Day 36: May your feet always be swift

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