Day 53: Let it blow through you, don’t let it move you

I’m grateful for the music. All the time.

I’m so grateful for how frequently I’ve been finding myself spending early mornings at Cubbon Park these days. I love how the temperature feels like it dips inside there, in the shade of bendy bamboo groves, large rain trees and the like.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with VC at work. It’s been an enlightening, challenging and eye-opening exercise. It throws up opportunities to surprise ourselves so often, I’m savouring it while the newness lasts.

I’m grateful for my car that has stood by un for nearly a decade now, and promises to keep going even though the age is now beginning to show. It was an utter saviour in a week so full of meetings in such far flung areas of Bangalore, I wouldn’t have made it otherwise. I’m grateful for the extra time it gives VC and me to spend together. To be able to chat and laugh our way through painful traffic jams, makes it a tad better.

I’m grateful for how the tide seems to have turned and we’ve seen an upswing with work. From several dead ends, flogging dead lines of communication and witnessing some seriously shitty behaviour from prospective clients, to suddenly be flooded with opportunities that put us in a position to chose from, is all kinds of reassuring. I’m grateful for the opportunity for yet another new beginning that VC has been presented with.

I’m grateful for the pav bhaji S made me last week. I’m grateful for the beer we had with R. I’m grateful for the Andhra meals we snuck in. I’m grateful for yet another taash party that ended too late.

I’m grateful for the Sunday I had — sleeping in, then pottering about the house setting it right again, and for the homely meals enjoyed in silence, and the bulk of the day spent reading.

I’m grateful that amma got to experience a weekend of family constellation. I’m grateful for the ice cream we shared.

I’m grateful that Niyu is back from Goa and that our collective shenanigans have begun again.

I’m grateful for the visit to the Mallu mess A and I finally made it to, after talking about it for only like forever. I’m thankful for the comforting meal, the conversations we have, that never disappoint, and always leave me thinking.

I’m thankful for my gym that always stays the same. No matter the ups and downs in my motivation or the energy I bring to it when I step in, I always feel welcome. I’m thankful that I have almost never ended a workout regretting it.

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3 thoughts on “Day 53: Let it blow through you, don’t let it move you

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