Day 57: I’m glad that I’m alive

I’m grateful that I’m recognising that the choice to reclaim my worth is in my hands. I’m grateful for the patience I’m slowly cultivating. I’m grateful for the little bit of focus and stillness I’ve regained.

I’m grateful that I am less surprised, or shocked at these changes, because it means I’m aware and accepting of the work that has gone into it. And that in itself feels like an act of reclaiming my worth, my patience and focus.

I’m grateful for the grace and respect I’ve shown towards myself recently. In picking up on moments where I missed listening to my gut feeling. In tuning into my intuition, albeit belatedly. In putting a premium on myself, reminding myself what is not my circus and not my monkeys. In drawing a boundary where I most needed to. In keeping myself out of a potentially toxic, energy sapping situation.

I’m grateful for having reclaimed that power.

I’m grateful for the privilege that is this life I have, with all its blessed circumstances, that despite being in a state of flux, still allows me to just focus on literally doing what I most need to do. I’m so thankful for the timely inputs I get. From people, from books, from conversations.

I’m thankful for the mindspace I’ve finally freed up, that allows me to tie all of these elements together in a way that’s meaningful for me. I’m thankful for the little moments of stillness that allow me to sit back and see watch the moving parts come together.

I’m grateful for the ever so gentle breeze of harmony I’m beginning to feel wafting over our lives. I’m grateful for the flow and the contentment.

I’m grateful for the hidden reserves of acceptance that I’ve suddenly stumbled on. Acceptance and peace about choosing the path of least resistance sometimes, and in accepting myself as I am and where I am now (rather than hankering for a nameless spot in the future where everything will miraculously work exactly the way I want!).

I’m grateful for the awareness that only when I retain the focus on aligning my actions with my desires, rather than to-dos and must-haves, does the energy I need seem to just flow.

I’m grateful for joy that’s come from the simplest things this past week. I’m so very grateful for the experience and the affirmation, that there is plenty of joy to be had in the unburdened ordinariness of everyday life.

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7 thoughts on “Day 57: I’m glad that I’m alive

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  5. Thanks for putting up this post..I especially liked the part that you have mentioned on the need of actions to be in alignment of desires to cause a feeling of completeness for an individual.I could relate to it very much.


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