Day 59: Pretend like there’s no world outside

In 2016, I started a newsletter. It was a very impulsive, inspired decision. I’ll pat myself on my back for how I didn’t overthink it, just dived in and went with it. Because that was so uncharacteristic of me then. But maybe I didn’t give it quite enough thought as I should have. And it died a swift death, almost as swiftly as it was brought to life.Bringing it back has been on my mind ever since. But between moving, dealing with 2017, and letting the pursuit of perfection (and some definite imposter syndrome) stop me in my tracks every time I was ready to take the plunge, it didn’t happen.

The thing is, when I started it back in 2016, I went to great lengths to try and not let it be an overlap of the blog. I was already writing a post a day, how much more did I have to drone on about, I wondered. But I went through with it anyway. I’d figure it out on the go, I thought.

I had grand plans. What to do with the newsletter, things I’d write about, feature, explore. People I’d interview. Places I’ll go with this grand new tool. What I wanted this newsletter to become, basically. But if I’ve learned anything at all in the great flux that has been these last 18 months, it is to have a plan, but only enough to spur you to action. Never let the plan get so big and serious, or be so wedded to it, that it paralyses you.

Like it did me, with this newsletter. Back in 2016. And again early this year.

Eventually, I said I’d resume it in January this year. Along with all other fresh beginnings. But that didn’t happen either. The ideas kept swelling, but I just didn’t know where to make a crack at it.

So I did the next best thing I could. Decided to stop overthinking it. This is me diving in and going with it. Once again. This time with only a smidgen of an idea, some guiding lights to where I will go with it. No plans for how frequently I will post, what I will say or when.

For a start, I may have to overlap it a bit with the blog, until I gain some momentum and find a rhythm with giving it an identity of it’s own. But we’ll get there eventually.

If you’re not too bored of this daily drivel already, and want moooooaaar, you’ll find a separate page on top, right next to my About and Contact links. You’ll also find a subscription field somewhere in the side bar. And if you don’t find either of them, you can visit this link and subscribe:Ā

While we’re here, and still talking, want to tell me if there’s something specific you’ve always wanted to ask, or know about this blog? Want to chip in and suggest things I could write about? Want to tell me what you’d like to hear that isn’t already here on the blog?

8 thoughts on “Day 59: Pretend like there’s no world outside

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  4. I like the links that you share sometimes of well researched and written news articles and your book posts. I have picked up books after reading your short reviews and enjoyed them a lot :) thank you.


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  6. Gobblefunkist

    I have one – where do you find the energy to do so much? You have a business, I gather, a blog, you probably write professionally from what I gather, and now this news letter? Do you have extra hours/day stashed up somewhere?
    You are, impostor syndrome included, an inspiration.


    1. I’m fortunate to now be living near my mum’s, which means my days are spent only at work because she takes care of two out of three meals a day. That frees up a lot of time. The rest is a juggle – I freelance and work with VC in a flexi mode. The writing i manage in the gaps. When I have an excess of ideas I spend time writing and schedule posts. Yes, I cheat šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚

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