Day 60: February

Last month, in a life less ordinary:
I realised, time and time again, that I am actually easily pleased with engaging my whole self in simple, unadorned, ordinary things. I want to go deeper in my commitment to a more basic, but wholesome routine for myself. Because I realised what doing little things, mindfully, wholeheartedly, and for myself, does me a world of good. It has a way of grounding me, feeding that very primal urge to create and engage in the most simplistic form, without any fuss, frills or fanciness that goes a long way in creating a kind of contentment that I have somehow just not found through the bigger more fanciful prospects of life. I’m still juggling the simple, everyday existence with the very real needs to keep life moving ahead, ie: work and other such obligations. But I believe finding a balance between the two, and making a way for the two to converge rather than be at cross purposes is not only key, but also very achievable. The hard part is that it requires an unrelenting focus on staying with the memory of that simple joy, every time that it is created. The good news is that every time that I reach a moment of truth in this regard, it points me right back to the basics. Time and time again.

Last month, in things I published:
The thing that drew me to social media, also led me to quit it.

Last month, in Things I Talked About:

  1. I attempted to walk 100kms with a team of friends. And it was all kinds of painful, and thrilling. Eventually, I recovered and felt all kinds of happiness.
  2. I watched a couple of movies.
  3. I read a fair bit. Okay, I read a lot.
  4. I re-started my newsletter. Because apparently even writing a post every single day, I still have things I want to say!

Last month, in Therapy and Healing:

  1. On why I’m no longer on any social media platforms.
  2. On coming back home, to my body.
  3. On making “empowered choices”.
  4. On why I write, and why this blog is a took to track versions of myself. Every single step of the way.

Last month, in Frustrations:

  1. I ranted about some aspects of work (even as I gave thanks for some others)
  2. I ranted about this city.

Last month, in Gratitude:

  1. The future is no place to place your better days.
  2. You guys, I must be the luckiest alive.
  3. Let it blow through you, don’t let it move you.
  4. I’m glad that I’m alive.

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Two years ago: Day 60: February

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