Day 71: Everyday is blue Monday

How many of you watch This Is Us? How many of you got into Season 1 really gung-ho, hook like and sinker? And how many of you watched Season 2 and wondered where is this going?

*raises hand*

Yearrp, it’s going that typical route where, right after they’ve grabbed your attention with the first season that hits ohhmagad, all the right spots, season 2 dwindles in the doldrums leaving you restlessly guessing which way it will go. That’s talent too — keeping things stuck in the middle, with just enough promise to lure viewers back from the edge of completely giving up hope, but also sufficient disappointment that makes them wonder week after week why they’re still at it. And yet they’ll keep coming back for more.

I’m a classic example of that kind of viewer. Once I’ve started something, and if it does the trick for me in some part, I want to see it through to the end. I’ve wasted so much time and energy on once-promising-but-just-average books and TV shows that fit the bill.

I’m still desperately hoping This Is Us doesn’t fall into this category. Because I’ll give the show this, it has touched on an excellent set of themes. The writing is top notch in that they’ve nailed the flashback as a vehicle of storytelling. They writers have absolutely cracked the right balance of drama, suspense and heartrending segues between timelines, clutching at just the perfect inflection points in every single characters life that somehow threads the family together. This is why I actually really got into the show, the storytelling grabbed me right off the bat. The relatable emotional plot was of course a big bonus. But that’s the bit that’s beginning to now get on my nerves. The story feels like it is beginning to now drag out. With the plot moving ahead half a centimetre with every episode, it’s beginning to feel a touch monotonous. And the very traits and elements of each character that made them relatable, now make me want to hate them. Simply because I can no longer relate. I just want Kevin to deal with his daddy issues, like really deal with them rather than keep reminiscing, for example. And I just want something big to happen in Rebecca’s life already. And I want to Randolph to have some more depth and dimension than just being the near-perfect man that he is.

This is all to say, This Is Us is getting boring, and lesser and lesser relatable. I hope it’s just a time wasting tactic to stretch us out to the end of this season (tomorrow!) which if I know TV at all, will end on some sort of surprise note so we’ll have to wait for the next season for all the action to resume, and the plot to get a little more nuanced.

Right now, though, I’ll say it’s not looking promising. But once can hope.

That said, as I speak of one TV show that’s draining my energy, I many have cut the cords with the other show that was previously in it’s place — Grey’s Anatomy. I realised it’s been a year since I watched it. I’m not sure how that happened, but I tried to catch up on it on Hotstar and I just couldn’t get through a single episode of that last season. So I’ve finally given up. Huzzah!

Last week, which was a bit of a bum week spent mostly catching up on sleep and being a touch unrooted, I took a little break from the obsessive reading and watched Big Little Lies, for a change. And omg, you guys, the unthinkable has happened. I actually have found one instance where the a TV show is better than the book it is based on.

I’ve already said, I didn’t care much at all for the book. It was strictly below average, which made me wonder why everyone loved it. But the show! It takes a very simple, superficial set up, and elevates it to something so much more nuanced, and real (okay, the lives and situations are a bit OTT, but the resulting emotions are raw and real).

Each of the women is a strong character. Strong in a very unique and different way for each of them. The show really unpacks the layers of the various situations women find themselves in, as mothers who tie the family together, single mothers, business women, successful women who’ve chosen motherhood at the cost of their careers, pursuing perfection and uprightness in all that they do. And in depicting the nuances, it really goes deep into the vulnerabilities and sensibilities of women folk. That is touching, emotionally captivating and very telling.

As you know, it also deals with themes like sexual harassment, domestic abuse, bullying, the former of which is dealt with in a way that evoked a very visceral reaction in me

The story gets really catty, and that made me a bit uncomfortable, but that was the intention I guess, as a set up for the finale, which if you’ve read the book, you know how it goes. The show does a spectacular job of taking a very passe, regular picturisation and builds it into a strong end that makes a point. It got me all choked up.

Next up, A Handmaid’s Tale. Even before I read the book, yes.


Last week went by in a bit of a daze. Like I said, it was catch up week that saw me just trying to tie up loose ends at work, and catch up on piled up work. It was an odd week, one where lots happened, yet I can’t seem to say what, when I look back on it.

This week, I’m looking forward to being with my sister again! She was away for two weeks travelling on work, and returns today. So I’m off to spend the evening with her and mum, right after I post this!

I’m also extra, extra stoked that this is the week I will be going back to school, so to speak. I’ve signed up for a year long course in an exciting system of therapy. This is me diving in to what I think I need the most right now. This is me choosing to delve into into the theroetical side of things, and basically signing myself up for a year of intense therapy. I cannot wait. I have a set of new pens bought, and a brand new notebook N gifted me, all set.

I’m as excited to be back in a space of learning and development as I am to be doing things like essays, homework and self study.

My Monday’s been good to me. How about you?

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