Day 73: The real, deep-down you is the whole universe

I’m grateful for the opportunity to revisit boundaries. I’m grateful for the timely reminder for constant improvement.

I’m grateful for a completely ordinary but wonderful Monday. It’s not often that I acknowledge the non-fancy benefits of being self employed. Along with my husband. It means Mondays can sometimes be happily spent at home. And may sometimes involve an afternoon nap, punctuated by a meeting on one side and a concall at the other.

I’m really glad for the chance to realise yet another kind of acceptance last week. I’m grateful to be able to notice the changes as they happen.

I’m so thankful for a constant listening ear in N. I really feel a no-pressure, no-holds-barred kind of friendship with her, because of the way in which we talk about matters that are top of mind. There’s no method or system, no obligation to always respond, especially given we’re in wildly different time zones. But I always, always feel heard. And it helps that she always gets me! It’s a connection I really cherish.

I’m so thankful for the cards. The messages. The affirmation.

I’m so happy it’s shorts weather again.

I’m grateful for a week of guilt free recharging of batteries and energy.

I’m immensely thankful for the conversation time I’ve had with VC. Which made me really acknowledge that I actually have the space to bring up and discuss pretty much anything with him. No topic, emotion, opinion is off the table.

I’m grateful that the weekend gave us time to do nothing at all for the most part.

I’m grateful for all the halwa. And my mother-in-law who always saves me my share of things I love to eat.

I’m thankful for the serendipitous plan to have breakfast with D, that materialised minutes after I was contemplating breakfast out by myself.

I’m really glad the family holiday in May is finally fixed. Because I was at the end of my tether discussing the possibilities to death.

I’m grateful for the suddenly busy weeks ahead. At work. And personally.

I’m glad we made the time to go watch Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missourie.

I’m so so so grateful and stoked to be beginning my course tomorrow. I’m excited for new beginnings. For the opportunity to learn something in a classroom again.

4 thoughts on “Day 73: The real, deep-down you is the whole universe

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  4. I can’t stop myself from commenting on the beautiful words expressed about relationships: ‘here’s no method or system, no obligation to always respond, especially given we’re in wildly different time zones.’


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