Day 75: But if you try sometime, you’ll get what you need

Yesterday was a lovely day. At the end of the day, reflecting, I realised I have only ever voluntarily learned something new in the context of academics or for the purpose of my work. Never just purely for the experience of it. So this is certainly a first. One that I am really soaking in and savouring slowly.

To have put myself in learning mode again, minus consequences or any expected outcome, just for the joy of learning and serving myself and my own interests, has really been so special.

To remember the day, here’s a moment snapped on my way to class.

And one from when I was back home.

Bangalore summer weather, where a single day sees weather as different as night and day.

Someone I met earlier this week said, “If we can somehow get rid of about 70% of the people stuffed in here, this is such a charming city,” and on days like this I really can’t help but agree.

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