Day 76: Flowers in the window

I thought I was going into a neutral space with no strings attached, but somehow Ive found people I know/who knew of me, even there. I’ve made surprising connections and discovered a web of people, a community larger than the one I consciously know and think of, that binds and holds me in place. That makes me feel like I belong here.

I wasn’t hesitant or afraid to go this way alone, but I imagined I’d be mostly to myself. As I tend to be in spaces like this. I even carried my kindle to class. What will I do all alone in break time, I wondered. But in three days, there’s a sense of community and belonging. Of just the kind we’ve been speaking and discussing in class. I don’t need the distractions or the means to pass the time. I feel deep in my bones that I belong here. That there is a place for the work I am here to do. And this is the right time and the right setting for me to do it.

How does this kind of random, surprise kinship happen? Where do we find the threads to make connections with the unknown? And how do relationships form from apparent nothingness? What makes us belong?


It’s a rain-kissed Saturday morning and as I head back for the last session in this module, I have just heard from A in Goa who tells me she’s dreamt of me all thru last night.

It sounds like a blip, a moment unconnected to much else. But when I think back to the journey that’s brought me to this point, this place today, I know A has so much to do with it. And it doesn’t feel like a blip or an unconnected moment in time at all.

I have that excited bubbling feeling in the pit of my stomach like I’m at the beginning of yet another turn in this journey. This is where I belong.

Two years ago: Day 76: Telepathy

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