Day 82: Everything is going to the beat

How liberating it is to finally acknowledge this new kind of self confidence. To accept, and own the fact that it is no longer limited to only loving the physical aspect of myself — shape, size, colour, etc — neither is it a blanket anything-goes licence to loving and embracing myself. But now, it also includes giving myself the permission, the very right to choose one aspect of my emerging self over another that may potentially be fading out. It means witnessing self-love that comes from the growing confidence and faith, that even in surrendering to the seemingly unfamiliar, there is growth. This new confidence means trusting the wisdom that is guiding me through all that is new, fast-changing, gently nudging me on to surrender fully to the choices I’m making. It comes from a wholehearted commitment to this a transition (rather than a random act of jumping ship). It’s a deep unshakeable faith in knowing that even as I allow for this give, this play, the slight easing up of taught lines that hold me up, I am developing a stronger, steady core, at the heart of it all.

Two years ago: Day 82: Silence

4 thoughts on “Day 82: Everything is going to the beat

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