Day 87: I get the strangest feeling you belong

The past week has just whizzed by me, completely blurred into one big space of time. It’s been busy in more ways than one, but it’s been a deeply enjoyable and satisfying kind of busy — long shoot days interspersed with meetings and four days spent with K and D who were visiting — that hasn’t been tiring or left me wishing for a break. In fact, I’ve felt more energetic and upbeat than I have in a while. Until I got the sniffles two days ago, that is.

I’m grateful for the deep, restful sleep I’ve been having. I’m thankful for air-conditioning, given how suddenly the heat has spiked.

I’m grateful for the amazing meal Niyu and I cooked early last week. I’m so thankful for the time we get together, and the special space that has emerged for VC, she and I to share. I’m thankful for the proximity that has allowed it. I’m grateful for a chance to witness a new kind of relationship with the same sibling I’ve had for all my life!

I’m thankful for Niyu’s hilarious, timely and poignant updates about my father, from Wayanad. It was all kinds of heartwarming to hear what he is up to, made more special through her eyes, and in her words.

I’m thankful for Amma’s lunches that are the saving grace of my life these days. I really, really love the quiet time it gives us together. There is a safety and security in that quiet togetherness that I am thankful for.

I’m grateful for the kind of work life that allows naps. This past week, more than I have in a long while, I have really indulged in deep, long afternoon naps.

I’m grateful for R sending that timely screenshot form Instagram, that led to a very unexpected sequence of events, conversations with VC, D and K. And therefore a much needed reality check. And consequent wisdom.

I’m grateful for alternative healing methods. And the access I have to it, through D and K. I’m so grateful for their visit. Even though they profusely thank us for opening out home up every time they visit, I don’t think they realise how enjoyable, and beneficial, their presence is for VC and I.

I’m thankful for the beautiful reading about the flow of Tao, and the immediate sense of liberation I felt.

I’m thankful for the doughnuts and the soan papdi we enjoyed last week.

I’m thankful for the long and winding conversations we had — the four of us — because I realise it is just the fuel I need at a time like now where I find myself unable to talk about much else (and it has left me with little to say, because very few people get what I’m on about)

I’m thankful for how happy VC has been with the sudden busy days of work.

I’m thankful for the exhaustion of a job well done. I’m thankful for the good work partnerships. I’m so thankful for the appreciation.

I’m so grateful for having finally sat my ass down to close the loop on some long pending assignments, invoice for them and have an influx of income.

I’m grateful for online shopping. I’m so glad for the solution to having fewer opportunities to be in a mall.

I’m grateful for my MIL who came over with a big bowl of her classic homemade chocolate mousse. I’m thankful for sugar. And all the dessert.

I’m grateful for the very primal kind of satisfaction that only a slice of hot garlic toast (freshly buttered, rubbed with raw garlic, hitting all the rights spots in one powerful punch) brings.

I’m thankful for the abundance. It always comes through, even when I’m expecting it monetarily, it’s flooding my life in other ways. All the damn time.

4 thoughts on “Day 87: I get the strangest feeling you belong

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  3. Gobblefunkist

    The more I read you, the more I wonder if we are kindred souls, especially since a lot of life’s gratitude is focused on food.


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