Day 144: We ain’t picture perfect but we worth the picture still

Postcard from Thailand 3.

Being around VCs family long enough invariably makes me feel like I’m on an entirely different planet as far as attitudes towards bodies in general go. My own, as well as every and any body around. We’re on an island, on a beach holiday, so obviously there’s a lot of those around in full view. A great variety and diversity in shape, size, form and colour, no less.

I’m super thankful for the confidence and appreciation I have for my body, as is. For the ability to wear what I want, sans any shame — my own or asserted on me. But not merely restricted to clothes alone, I’ve come to realise the agency that has been encouraged and inculcated in me for as long as I remember, is not the norm. Even amidst educated, otherwise liberated folks, as close in proximity as the family I’ve married into, this is absolutely missing. A deep-rooted shame about our skin, shape, body type and the default need to constantly cover up, and thereby the expectation that others must too, is the norm.

I’ve realised once again, that it comes down to values. And I’m grateful for having been taught early not to peg anything on appearances. And to own my body and my choice to carry it, wear it and do with it as I please, as the norm. Or I’d too be spending my holiday judging bodies left, right and centre.

Two years ago: Day 144: Monday, this week

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