Day 146: There’s still time for another

Postcard from Thailand 5.

This is my third time visiting this always interesting, surprising, thoroughly lovable country and it just doesn’t get old. Or boring.

This is my second visit to the same island. Many islands in the area offer simar experiences. Even so, coming back to this sort of contained nowhere-to-go seaside experience always gives me a breath of fresh air, a new lease of life. This time too, I feel invigorated. Especially after the unsettledness of the last few weeks.

I’ve had three straight days of being in my swimsuit dipping in and out of the sea for the most part of the ay, punctuating it with reading, eating or drinking. I feel really good. That probably has everything to do with the salt water dips. And yet, it isn’t just the salty air and beach vibes talking. This has been a little bit of a milestone as far as holidays with go. Probably because there’s been a significant letting go and genuine relaxation, deep down.

Things I’ve done on this holiday that I have enjoyed (and surprised myself with):

  1. Unabashedly consumed beer through the day, without worrying about the calories or the loss of appetite
  2. Eaten my body weight in Thai and other Asian food, without worrying about whether I had the real estate for it in my tummy and the resultant calories
  3. Managed to get a fair bit of alone/down time by myself despite being with the family, and managed my sanity for pretty much the entire duration of this trip so far
  4. Found my sweet spot with the famfam
  5. Gave scuba diving a shot. After years of wanting to, but putting it on the back burner because it was either too expensive, I was not mentally prepared, or I was just too damn chicken, I finally decided to shut my eyes and dive in. And I am so very glad I did
  6. Let go of a few small niggling control issues with regard to holidaying

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4 thoughts on “Day 146: There’s still time for another

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