Day 157: A serious kind of something new

Today, I’m grateful for yoga. I had such an excellent class. For the first time in all the times I’ve done yoga, Im beginning to get the whole breathing into poses and synchronising it, which believe it or not, deepens every move and thereby increases the satisfaction of every stretch.

I’m grateful for the rain that has kept temperatures low and the light just glowy and beautiful. I don’t have very many good things to say about Bangalore of late, but I will say the rain definitely makes my heart tug with longing.

I’m grateful for the immense amounts of sleep I’ve been having. Restful, unbroken at night and the rather strange new ability to catch a wink during the day — not just a half-hearted nap, but a deep slumber. D predicted there’d be a lot of downtime and retreating for rest in the coming weeks. But when she said “get all the sleep, actually sleep, you can” I didn’t know it meant this.

I’m grateful for A. For the heartfelt emails. For the precise words. For the quiet confidence I get when I think about this journey we’re on.

I’m grateful for the surprise conversations. Like when R texted me, expressing gratitude that I least expected but that somehow lifted my entire day. Like with A with whom I’ve been having a telegraphic kind of SMS conversation about identity, which we keep meaning to meet and discuss. Like with N who is the only person really, that I can talk to and use words like “energy” and “abundance” and “goodness” without having to explain what I mean.

I’m grateful for the ability to be in Goa again very soon. I really feel so incredibly lucky.

I’m grateful for the ability to write again. After a jammed up May, the words are thrumming through once again. Brimming over and making their way out like they will not be held. In my journal, in long emails, on my blog, in newsletters, in my notes. I am thoroughly enjoying this.

2 thoughts on “Day 157: A serious kind of something new

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