Day 159: When the rainy days are dying

I had to get to a 6 am yoga class this morning, in order to be home in time to get ready and get to my course in time. But when I had informed my teacher that I’d be swapping my Friday yoga class for an earlier slot, for just this week and the next, my inner self had a hearty laugh. When I realised that Id have to wake up at 5.30 to make it, I too laughed at my optimism, given that waking up (period) has been challenging of late. Waking up early, much earlier than usual, out of the question.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

I made it to class. Both of them. On time and not dragging myself out half asleep.

It’s a small improvement, but a significant step one nonetheless. And because I know it is as much to do with the right thing at the right time, as it is a pleasant surprise, I want to acknowledge it.

The truth is I woke up at 5.15 am and after ten minutes of groggily pottering about at home, I decided that my body was just not up for it and actually went back to bed, blanket and all. But just as I was settling back into sleep mode, in an instant I decided I just didn’t want to skip the yoga session. I was drawn by the promise of how good it feels when I’m done.

I sprang out and took myself to class. And I’m just so glad that I did.

I had a blissful hour on a classic, cloudy 22 degree Bangalore morning, by the pool. Gentle gusts of wind occasionally challenging my balance, the woooshing trees begging me to gaze around, the pool splashing ever subtly, a sparsely populated class where I knew nobody, a little early morning stiffness and resistance, just that little willingness to push and find a little give.

And sure enough, I felt as good as new by the time I was done.

Gratitude for yoga today. Gratitude for my body for showing me the way — for demanding the rest when I needed it, and for pushing me out of bed today when I needed it. Gratitude for the monsoon and the beautiful mornings we’ve been having. Gratitude for the sense to just give in to this right now. Gratitude for the energy and the flow that goes into an hour of yoga feeling so fruitful. Gratitude for the pleasant surprise that was today, really.

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5 thoughts on “Day 159: When the rainy days are dying

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  5. I had a similar experience when I’d started to exercise. I began to feel better knowing that I was doing things that were good for my personal well-being rather than giving in to sloth.


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