Day 165: After the tears have washed your eyes

A couple of dry-ish days with temperatures creeping into the late twenties, is all it took to have me say, “It could rain a little now, right?”

Almost as if in response, it started again yesterday. With cloudy skies, giving in and scantily showering down on us.

It’s been almost a month since we have stopped using the AC and the weather has been immaculate. Splendid enough to make me say the L(ove) word.

Amidst all my Bangalore rants, there is this redeeming factor. The rain. And I have to give credit where it’s due. I love Bangalore when it rains.

This is the weather for coffee shops. For books. For naps. For slow dreaming. For anything that doesn’t involve being stuck in a vehicle navigating through the city. It’s the weather for staying indoors and eating pav bhaji, if you will. It’s the weather for thick hot chocolate. For soup dinners. And even if just momentarily, for most everything in this city to feel bearable.

Two years ago: Day 165: About yesterday

5 thoughts on “Day 165: After the tears have washed your eyes

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