Day 183: I wouldn’t change a single thing

I have a massive post all typed out. I’ve chipped away at it at three different points of the day. Each time I was interrupted. Once to cook lunch, once to stuff face with an entirely different lunch, and a third time by the sudden overwhelming need to give in to the food coma that followed.

I surfaced from a superb nap this evening and somehow just couldn’t get myself to finish the post.

Something strange is up — I was not one to nap too much. Afternoon naps were a rare occurrence meant only for days when I was running on sleep debt or weekends. Even so, they were never long drawn affairs or the sort of naps where I’d lose track of reality. But of late, there has been a lot of sleep in my life. Nights of deep, restful slumber. Allowing myself to sleep in on weekends. Staying in bed and reading even after I have woken up, some days. Some part of that Type A person who was quick to get up and run, in a rush to spring to life, has slowed down. And so, I’m discovering a whole new pleasure — sleeping in the afternoon. Whenever I feel like it. For however long it seems to last. And sometimes for no apparent reason at all.

I am enjoying this.

All this to say, my plans to finish today’s post were foiled by, yes you guessed it, a luxurious nap.

I’ll be back tomorrow, when I’m out of my rest mode.

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9 thoughts on “Day 183: I wouldn’t change a single thing

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  6. Naps are delightful! I wish I could nap more. I might nap once every couple of months or longer. Though I am trying my best at taking a “slow down”. Which means, I am making an effort to doing things at a slower pace. Often I find myself moving a mile a minute…This new slow down has really helped my body and mind to be much calmer. Enjoy your naps! :)


  7. Gobblefunkist

    You know, this is funny. I’ve never been a napper myself, but lately, I have a very uncontrollable need to nap post lunch.
    I just listen to my body these days and give it the nap it needs. Today I lay on the cool floor in my living room and counted the Z-s for a good one hour.


    1. That sounds blissful. It’s ridiculous how giving in when our bodies need it doesn’t come naturally to so many of us. I have had to rewire my brain and learn this :-/


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