Day 206: If you, if you could return

Have you ever experienced a return, a coming back, to a sense of familiarity and safety, but where somehow very little is the same as before. Back at home this evening, slowly decompressing from the tizzy that is travelling back from Goa, I’m overcome by a feeling of suddenly coming back to life. Back to normal. Back to me.Except, I’m fully aware that nothing is as it used to be. These past few weeks I’ve pleasantly surprised myself with changes I’ve seen. In some of the things I’ve done, the way in which I have moved, the decisions I have made and some reactions I have had too. I have felt a slow churn, something in the mix, things brewing around me for a while now. But in the last two weeks I have distinctly felt a shift within. And today I want to take a moment to acknowledge that it is safe, it is time, it is so right to be me.

It’s empowering to see how far I’ve come in that I am leaning more and more into feeling my way through life than (over)thinking my way through it instead. I find that the more I do this, the more decisions feel intuitive and natural. The more favourable opportunities open up and present themselves and the more I am able to gently glide in and flow with it rather than get entangled in a complicated decision making process. Life then, just happens.

4 thoughts on “Day 206: If you, if you could return

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