Day 212: I eat the city as I leave the scene

Happy-making things from today.

Finishing and submitting two deliverables on time this morning, before I headed out to my fun time.

Getting from Malleswaram to Jayanagar in 17 minutes @INR 23. And finding a seat on the Metro to boot. The Pool ride I’d have otherwiae taken would have cost 149 bucks and a whole hour in traffic. I can’t wait for when the city is thoroughly connected via Metro. It’s fast, it’s cheap, the views are far, far nicer and the entire commute passed without a single crib about the city.

THIS meal.

One thing to have come from being in Bangalore is the friendships outside of the most predictable set of people I’d otherwise tend to gravitate towards. I am so glad and grateful for having friends older than me, in life stages ahead of and wildly different from mine, people with accomplishments I admire and look up to, people with whom I can talk about stuff I don’t otherwise. And my life has only grown and expanded in ways I haven’t experienced before.

I always, always have the most sparkling conversations with A. And almost every one of our hangouts ends with one of us texting “Great conversation!” to the other. Today was no different.

In fact we had so much to animatedly share — so many updates, inspirations, frustrations and stories — that we sat around over our finished meals, plates wiped clean, fingers getting crusted over, oblivious to how much time we’d spent in a mess that’s otherwise an in-and-out affair lasting not more than 15 minutes.

We carried it over to a coffee spot I love to wash down all that rice with my favourite cold coffees. Plural.

And then I wound my way back home where this parcel had been delivered.

Excited for new learning and new experiments that await. I cannot wait to dig in.

Finding parking on Residency Road and the promise of beers and dinner with R.

Tomorrow, I begin module 3 of my course and I am so ready for another burst of learning, healing, reflection and growth. Feels like a fitting close to the month and a promising beginning for August. I can feel it in my bones.

Today, I’m happy and my cup, it runneth over.

4 thoughts on “Day 212: I eat the city as I leave the scene

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