Day 215: And you were an island to discover

Yesterday I began the day with a head that was burdened and heavy with thoughts. A combination of little grief at bitter new realisations, the frightening reality of new possibilities and sorrow for time gone by spent being a certain way feeling a single emotion, forgetting the rainbow of emotions that surround it. My heart was heavy, my being felt raw and vulnerable.

During the day there were a couple of powerful aha moments, some tears, a lot of giggles. A switch snapped in my head and a whole new world in front of me.

By the end of the day, my heart had opened up. A lightness puffed up in my chest. My head felt bright and clear. Energetically, it was the diametric opposite of the way I felt just eight hours before. And that, is the beauty and gift of this therapy I’m learning.

As I walked back I realised how wonderful it has been to experience this work at this juncture in my life. I almost feel like this has been the purpose of being in Bangalore. The serendipity of it overwhelms me. There is something to be said about readiness, and about wanting something desperately, so the universe moves mountains to take you to it. The means, they always exist. The path unfurls moment to moment, when the time is right. I only need to be open and flow with it.

Two years ago: Day 215: Moving on

3 thoughts on “Day 215: And you were an island to discover

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