Day 222: I request another dream

Today in gratitude: I’m just humbled by how much harmony and peace is possible when life is in flow. The excessive happiness of it comes and goes in glimpses, while I grab at it trying to get a hold and make it stay. But what excites me so much is that the glimpses are more than short moments these days. And they stay long enough so I can soak it up, fill myself, before they flit on by. When they’ve come and gone too, an aftertaste lingers. A contentment hangover. While I ready myself patiently, for the next dream to unfold, the next possibility to unfurl. And on and on it goes.

Gratitude for the work. The ability to do it. To throw myself and delve into to recieve it in abundance. To experience the intensity. To regroup in this energy. Gratitude for life itself.

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3 thoughts on “Day 222: I request another dream

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