Day 241: Keep waking up high

This week, someone outside my immediate family expressed sadness about my impending move away from Bangalore. The only other person to have done that is my mother. And both times it made me feel warm and fuzzy within. It reiterated for me how charged and full of life my time in Bangalore has been. I’ve had intensely connected relationships. I’ve connected deeply with people — known and new. I’ve opened myself up to so many more experiences, and I realise now that maybe deep down I knew I was on a deadline. Our bodies and minds know and I feel that I was able to listen to that inner knowing and dive in to most things that felt like they needed to be done.

Having said that, this has been a year of conscious being, over doing, like I told A yesterday. And I can’t help but feel that this feeling of fullness — of abundance, of life being so much bigger than I ever imagined possible, of feeling like the universe’s favourite child — has been a direct outcome of it.

I’m grateful for the humbling lessons that have brought me here. I’m grateful for all that Bangalore has given to make this journey the perfect one for me — from efficient services, to the course I’m doing, to bringing the right people at the right time — I wouldn’t have felt so kindly and like the experience has been so abundant if not for it. 18 months ago when I contemplated moving here with shaky feet and a restless heart, I hadn’t the faintest clue that I’d get so much (and enjoy so much of it) from my time here. Grateful for the opportunity to take this time out. Grateful for all the support I get so I can keep going, deeper and wider. Grateful for VC. For my parents. For the few friends. All of whom share this journey with me, in small and big ways.

5 thoughts on “Day 241: Keep waking up high

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  3. Hi Revati, I’ve been following your blog for a while now :) I’d love to know which course this is and if there’s any post talking about how you began living consciously :)


    1. Hi Simeenly, it’s a course on a modality of therapy that’s focuses on personal development. Mail me? Happy to share details privately ☺️☺️ I don’t know if I have a single post where I talk about how I began living consciously. It’s really been a large and ongoing effort in my life for the last many years. The methods and intensity though, have changed and increased in the last two years. Perhaps I could say starting therapy (2 years ago) was a starting point of making this a conscious effort.


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