Day 249: I wanna see you be brave

I have had such a fantastic week. And today was such a stupendous day. I had a post all written out about it. But I have shelved it for tomorrow. Because today, I want to give this day to the people it belong to, and celebrate it wholeheartedly.

Pic courtesy: Sandhya

This was the highpoint of today. I spent a good hour madly refreshing the news on the minute. I shocked myself with how emotional I felt, when the news the verdict eventually came in. For the first time in nearly 5 years I felt a sense of belonging with this country, spurred entirely by a mild feeling of hope that truth will prevail and the fascists will not have it all their way.

What a powerful statement. What a resounding, thumping win for reason and humanity, and above all else, love. What an absolute slap in the face of the current government this has been. I feel incredible to be alive to witness this.

As I read the statements that rolled in, I choked and teared up a little, imagining what a struggle and an uphill and constant battle this has been. And over something so utterly basic? I’ve been thinking about what Arun Shourie said in the video I linked up yesterday, about how we have been slowly accustomed to a new normal. Like frogs tricked into a slow death, in a slowly boiling pot of water, we’ve lost the will to react and jump out and back to our senses. I realised today that the bar is set so damn low, that a victory for something as basic as the right to love, has come as such a massive victory. This should have been basic. It should have been a non negotiable.

But here we are. Love is love.

What a day.

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