Day 252: Every inch of sky’s got a star

It’s certainly a great time to be thriving. I feel it in the air and in my body. I know it, because I see the signs all around. In the way that every conversation, every passing thought and every single time that I look for an answer — everything points to one direction.

I know it because there’s a bubbling sense of newness on the horizon as I merrily amble along towards it. I’m not in a rush, the getting there feels as distractingly important and is all-consuming as the where I’m going to be.

I know it because the air, it really feels thick with abundance, the skies is weighing down with opportunity. The path is lush and full of promise. It’s so hard to choose.

But mostly, I know it because I feel full and inexplicably happy. It’s certainly a time to be thriving.

Two years ago: Day 252: Eight

3 thoughts on “Day 252: Every inch of sky’s got a star

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