Day 256: Walking high on the wire

I’m grateful for the dinner VC and I treated ourselves to on the night of our anniversary. It wasn’t a place we’d have ordinarily picked, or the sort of thing we’d even treat ourselves to very often. With some big changes and associated expenses in the offing, I was predictably unsure and a touch guilty right till the very end. But I’m glad VC encouraged the idea. I’m grateful for being in the place we are today, to be able to afford (metaphorically too) the luxury.

I’m grateful for access to do things here that I have missed in Goa. And I’ve been making the most of that. This past weekend, I watched Hamlet The Clown Prince and thoroughly enjoyed it. Before that S and I caught up over coffee and giggles at Third Wave. (I know, they should pay me for my loyalty.)

I’m grateful for the ease of this week, and how I’ve been disciplined about finishing work on time while also getting enough time off. After the hectic energy of last week, things have been much more balanced this week.

I’m grateful for the day spent with A. It fired up my brain in ways not much has, and not too many people do for me of late. I’m glad I worked ahead of time to give myself yesterday off. We had a late breakfast of eggs and toast and coffee at Koshys discussing a potential new project that has my brain whirring slowly with a hum. And then we dashed off to catch the last of the Brass Tacks sale before they shut down. Brass Tacks on massive sale is the only time I’ll ever spend my money on there. And because after all those hours we were still not done, we ducked into Third Wave and nursed a cold brew each while we yakked on and on some more about everything from evolving views marriage to Chandralekha. I’m immensely grateful for some of the women that have come into my life this year, and have touched me in small, but special ways like this.

I’m extremely grateful for public transport. I’ve been using the metro more often than before, as far as possible, pushing thru the annoyance of getting to and back from the stations. But I’m beginning to see how it’s worth that effort. A and I took the metro to Indiranagar and I took the metro all the way back home from there. On the ride home, S texted me stressed out about how she nearly didn’t make her flight home because of the traffic on the way to the airport. I mentally said a prayer that this city gets hooked up by rail fast, because it’s quick, it’s affordable and it’s so very needed if we want to get people off the roads.

And today, on habba day, I’m grateful for family that reaches out even when I haven’t had a good track record of reaching out myself. SP invited me over for Ganpati lunch since my family is away. I happily accepted the invitation and I’m so very glad I did.

I’m grateful for the resources and all the ways in which I’ve been feeling my intuition sharpened. I’m so grateful for the signs. And for being able to see them. For weeks now I’ve been feeling like things have been building up to a time of high activity. I realised today that that phase of happening is upon me. I’m so ready to ride this wave.

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