Day 265: My heart is a bloom

Paris. Day 3.

All the walkabouts around Paris have really brought home the fact that it’s been years since I even had a holiday of this nature. For almost the last decade we’ve only been taking beach holidays (save for Singapore, but that doesn’t count for other reasons) where I only ever have a singular agenda. To sit. Also known as, to not move. I haven’t had to pack sneakers for a holiday since 2009. So you get the idea.

This has just been so exciting for me, walking around, having all the sights and sounds and smells just in my face, all the time. Of course it means I have been stopping all too many times to snap bits of it.

The weather has been so great. It’s one of the warmer weeks of autumn so far. With highs between 27-30 degrees C between noon and sunset, it’s actually sweaty when were walking around. The mornings are delightfully crisp and cool, with gleaming blue skies. As soon as the sun goes down, the wind picks up and the temperature begins to dip. But it hasn’t been unbearable at all, which is saying a lot for me.

Basically, it’s facilitated a lot of my aimless wondering. I’m thrilled because it’s all I wanted.

Every street corner is oozing with charm and prettiness. Even the tiniest stores have that little something that gives them a charm, makes it that much quainter and inviting.

Paris has a way to make even the dullest, most mundane fixtures look designer and pretty. Street lights, metro signs, bike parking stands.



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