Day 268: Warm shadow, won’t you cast yourself on me

Bruges. Day 2.

This is what I like to call tiny interventions of divinity. How else do you explain how the weather goes from being pissy, continuously raining with dull grey, flat skies. To this. Overnight.

This is what we woke up to. And immediately grabbed the opportunity to get out and explore.

We pretty much lost track of time and only the belfry that chimes unmistakably on the hour, in what is almost an entire recognisable tune, brought us back to reality.

Bruges in the sun is stunning. Sparkly, stark, simply gorgeous. The skies have cleared up entirely and the blue is starting to hurt my eyes. The clouds are unreal and racing by fast. It’s still windy and there’s a chill in the air.

I’ve had to bring out the big guns given my low tolerance for the cold. A beanie, muffler and woolen gloves. Over a full sleeved tee, sweater and jacket. Toasty as fuck.

Right after this glorious morning we tucked in a Panini and hot chocolate each. But since no hot chocolate here is matching up to what we had in Paris, VC is known a mission to find the best one around.

The rest of the week promises to be sunny. Life goes on. With tiny little divine interventions.

5 thoughts on “Day 268: Warm shadow, won’t you cast yourself on me

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