Day 270: One night to speed up the truth

Amsterdam. Day 1.

We’ve gone from great blistery weather to impossibly cold weather back to really toasty crisp weather again.

I’m really getting used to this layering business and find myself illogically drawn to staring at people’s extremely cool sneakers and catch myself daydreaming about building my own collection.

Riding the metro in, I realised that this wasn’t part of the plan, but happily so, we’ve experienced three wildly different cities with wildly different cultures and entirely fresh vibe each.

I didn’t anticipate how freeing this mingling with people would be. It’s been a proper sensory overload and my brain hasn’t been able to do much else.

My loaded up Kindle lies untouched, my notebook has 2.5 entries. My days are going by in a haze of thoughts, contemplation and happiness. And lots of walking and wandering.

Okay, Amsterdam. Let’s do this.

Two years ago: Day 270: Control issues

3 thoughts on “Day 270: One night to speed up the truth

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