Day 271: Walk with me for a while

Amsterdam. Day 2.

Amsterdam Blues. And how. The good weather streak is back.

At first hit, Amsterdam Centraal felt like a mildly sophisticated Bombay. The inner lanes we wound or way through felt like Baga. And then we went down to China Town and had a noodle lunch. Listening to the restaurant staff chat away in what sounded to my ignorant ears like Chinese gave me a proper mind-bending WTF-am-I feeling, because suddenly I felt like it could have been Bangkok or Singapore.

Or it was just that Amsterdam air kicking in good and solid.

I’m amazed by these buildings, the incessant cyclists and how is the prevalent form of transport here.

I’ve been on VCs holiday schedule these last few days, which is to catch the sunrise and sunset everyday and work everything else we want to do around that. It’s settled into a nice rhythm and I realise there’s no other way I’d probably ever wake up this early on holiday and walk about a new city so much on my own. This has been a fun new thing to do. And a great way to explore the non essential sights.

And when the city and skies look this good, it’s worth it.

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3 thoughts on “Day 271: Walk with me for a while

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