Day 302: The wild unknown

There’s seriously something to be said about how much time, energy and my very being slows down in Goa. The rush of September and October had really caught up with me in the days before leaving Bangalore. I was feeling very rushed. In fact, it is also a part of the reason I am not ready to leave just yet — it feels rushed and like I am not done. Three days in though, and just like always, that rush dies down in Goa some how. Every single time.

Even as I’ve managed to make some calls, run some errands, do a little bit of work, it’s been a relaxed few days. Sleeping in later than usual, waking up rested and having leisurely cups of coffee — these are things I’ve missed in recent weeks in Bangalore. I’ve also managed to resume reading again. Naps have been taken and endless hours spent in the company of the puppers are being enjoyed. I seem to have fallen into a good rhythm again.

The limbo in my mind remains, I have no idea where I’m headed or when and how, but somehow it feels alright. The rush has calmed down and I am at home, even while I am in-between. Again and again, I’ve been telling myself this is such a new and happy place for me to be.

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3 thoughts on “Day 302: The wild unknown

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