Day 304: These days are better than that

It’s been a hot day today. After running a few errands out all morning, I spent the rest of the day trying to work. And I have only just finished a short while ago. Even though this window has been open the whole time, I haven’t managed to post it as yet.

On the up-side, the Goa home is slowly taking shape, even if more in our heads than in reality right now. But that too will change soon and I’m actually mildly envious that VC will get to enjoy the newness all on his own! Maybe we’ll manage to do a residence-swap sometime in the future.

I am sleepy and quite sapped from the heat today. Even a cold shower in the evening didn’t shake it off. So I am calling it a day. Tomorrow is a new month and I hope the writing mojo will return.

One year ago: More Goa postcards: walking through Mapusa market

4 thoughts on “Day 304: These days are better than that

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