Day 344: Take all my world and shake it

It’s been a day of waking up to hidden trauma I didn’t even know I had. And I am ending the day feeling extremely raw, vulnerable and sensitive. Overwhelmed by the weight of words that are equal parts liberating — in that they help own up to realities we often want to shut ourselves off to — and have a consequence — in that it has given me a lot to think about where to go from here.

Words matter. Language matters. And it is such an important building block to healing in a good and whole way. And I am grateful to have been guided to spaces and to people who create safe environments and use the utmost sensitive language in bringing sensitive realities of trauma to light.

Today has felt like stepping into a new zone, walking into a door that has just been opened. Onwards and upwards, it is.

Two years ago: Day 344: Looking back

3 thoughts on “Day 344: Take all my world and shake it

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