Day 358: Relax, take it easy

It’s probably a combination of end of the year lethargy and dealing with the chaos that has been getting the house set up and hanging with friends and dealing with things that are coming up for me in therapy. But the result is I’m feeling that taciturn energy-saving mode again. There are things to say, I’m writing furiously in my journal. But I also want to just stay with it and keep it within for just a bit. Just let things be and marinade in it slowly. Witness it and see what happens, for a change.

I’m feeling like I might abandon this post-a-day habit just short of the finish line that’s just next week.

I’m also not going to finish my reading challenge for the year. Just a few books shy of the nice round figure.

There are times in my life when I have chased goals and round figures and taken great joy in producing (to myself) a report card at the end. This is not one of those times.

Two years ago: Day 358: Home is where the yellow roses are

2 thoughts on “Day 358: Relax, take it easy

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