Glowing within, growing within

I’m marvelling at how so much of my journey has become about creating space. And how much of that space I am suddenly finding.

Space to feel emotions fully.

Space for honesty.

Space for safe vulnerability.

Space to expand.

Space to explore.

Space to be.

Space to travel.

Space between VC and me.

Even as I journey within, go deeply inwards, almost as if I am closing in on myself, my world is expanding like never before. I have not felt this kind of palpable wide-open expansiveness in my life ever before. This eagerness to be out there (not literally), the hunger for connection, the seeking of experiences; even as I am always preoccupied with what’s going on within.

There is liberation in not having to choose, not having to pick one at the cost of the other, not having to wildly swing between the two, not needing labels. The two co-exist. This too is duality – *grin*

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