Holy shit

Hi from Benaras: where the weather is great and the breakfasts are rich. Where Modiji and stray cows are roadblocks in equal measure. (The former is visiting so we’ve had to make detour after detour to circumvent multiple road closures, and in the process have had a couple of stand offs with cows as large and as wide as the alleyway itself that clearly has space for only one of us.) Here is where the vibes are holy and pure but the streets are nothing like it. I have seen more shit (all kinds) here than I have in a long, long time (Swacch Bharat, what?!)

It’s only been about two hours since we landed and this is already such a bizarre and fascinating place. I’m super exciiiiite!

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8 thoughts on “Holy shit

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    1. It’s certainly got major character but it’s so fucking filthy. I came prepared for the dirt and grime but nothing can prepare you for this level of filth.


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